The Monkey is the first episode in the series.


A faraway shot of children playing is shown, with Rohan's apartment building in the background. The camera then cuts to a door marker saying "Tendulkar 26", then pans to a doorbell which Rohan Tendulkar is repeatedly ringing.

His mother opens the door and expresses her disdain, but Rohan rushes inside the house to see if his father has come back. His mother reminds him that the flight has not landed, and Rohan goes to the kitchen table to sulk. His mother pours him orange juice and says (something). However, Rohan

His mother gives him an apple and milk. While reading his homework book, Rohan throws his apple off-screen and says that he would rather eat a burger. He then begins to daydream about eating a burger. His mom interrupts him and gives him the apple back. After his mother leaves, Rohan begins to daydream about being chased by airplanes. Then we cut out to him holding his book in a way similar to the orientation of an airplane's steering mechanism as his mother surprises him back to reality and tells him to do his homework again.

Eventually, comes home with a surprise. When it is revealed, Rohan learns that it is a backpack that is stylized to look like a blue monkey. Rohan is disappointed, even when his father states that he got it from a famous store. Later, when they eat dinner, Rohan becomes afraid when he sees the eyes of the backpack move. However, his parents do not notice anything.

Later, as he tries to sleep, Keymon reveals himself to Rohan. After Keymon tells Rohan that he is magic, Rohan faints, and Keymon addresses the audience.