Keymon is a blue monkey with magical powers. The character is said by some people to be based on the famous manga and anime character 'Doraemon'.He is also a lovable character and also displays morality in the end for episode.


He is naughty, sarcastic, loves to eat, loves DJing on the mini DJ console in Rohan’s room and singing rap songs that he comes up with depending on the situation. He starts dancing and rapping at the drop of a hat and always has a naughty glint in his eye.

Added to this naughty glint is an even naughtier smile and expressive big eyes. He can very fluidly make fun of the people he meets in a fun yet adorable way. He walks around with a flamboyant attitude and style and has a mutley laugh and a goofy grin.


He was a schoolbag from Japan that was brought from a famous store. He appeared in the first episode. Rohan was afraid of him at first, because he noticed that Keymon's eyes moved.


  • His name is "Monkey" backwards; this is pointed out in the show when she talk to me ... ☺☺

Keymon laughs, you see

Another picture of Keymon.